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| Last Updated:22/04/2020

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Now, census on dolphins and crocodiles

Indian Express, Chennai, 13th August, 2005


After the Royal Bengal Tiger it is the turn of crocodiles and dolphins. The first ever census of endangered dolphins and crocodiles dolphins and crocodiles in the Sundarban mangroves will begin in December this year. Both the species are endangered and listed on schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act.


So we have decided to hold a census to count their exact population from December and to January, Sundarban Biosphere Reserve joint director Niraj Singhal said on Friday. Our men have been trained in Orissa and the method of counting would be through direct sighting, he said. The dwindling number of the Gangetic dolphin has been a cause of concern for conservationists for long.


We will begin the census in late December this year to pinpoint how many dolphins actually populate the rivers and creeks of this rivers and creeks of this estuarine delta, Atanu Raha, director of the Sundarban Biosphere Reserve, had said earlier.