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| Last Updated:22/04/2020

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Nothing green about greenhouse scheme



(Source: Panchayati Raj Update. 7 (91). Jul 2001. Pp.2)


Huge funds were misappropriated by District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) officials in the name of implementing the Greenhouse scheme. The scheme had been mooted by the Union Agriculture Ministry during 1998-99 for helping the farmers of flood-prone and high-humidity areas of the country to achieve round-the-year cultivation.


A grant of more than Rs.10 Crore was made to the state government for implementing the scheme. The state government entrusted the task to the DRDA's and constituted governing bodies in all districts making it mandatory for the DRDAs to seek their approval before taking up the scheme.


After seizure of fake work orders, it came to light that most of the agencies had drawn large funds without taking up the scheme, and where they were taken up, approval of the governing bodies had not been sought. Furthermore, the scheme was not implemented in Bongaigaon and NC hills districts.