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| Last Updated:25/03/2020

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Burning garbage a health hazard for Gurgaon’s Sohna Road residents

Times of India, New Delhi, October 12, 2014


Residents of Sohna Road have alleged that a number of private developers and contractors have been dumping and burning garbage in the open on a four-acre piece of land near the upscale Nirvana Country, posing a serious threat to public health. According to them, the burning of waste in the open leads to discharge of poisonous gases, impacting the health of residents, particularly triggering asthma and respiratory diseases. And, the civic authorities, they claim, are turning a blind eye to the problem. "My daughter is an asthma patient. She is forced to use a nebulizer because of the smoke emanating from the garbage dumping ground.


Going outside for a walk is like a punishment. There is so much particulate matter in the air," says Ruchika Sethi, a Sohna Road resident. She adds: "Waste management seems to be a problem. We are holding our own health to ransom by believing that we have cleaned our homes while the waste is being dumped outside our locality." Not only construction and demolition waste, but also household garbage are burnt at this site everyday, say the residents. "The garbage is brought here in tractor trolleys mostly at night and dumped here. This is probably being done in order to save cost by these private developers who otherwise will have to pay lot of money to transport it all the way to Bandhwari," claims Jagriti Sharma, an area resident.


When contacted, HUDA and MCG officials feigned ignorance, but claimed they would look into the matter. "Since this is HUDA area, the responsibility lies with them. Our job is only to transport garbage from MCG area to the solid waste plant in Bandhwari. However, we will carry out an inspection," said a MCG official. However, the HUDA administrator, Ashok Sangwan, could not be contacted for his reaction. But, residents are unwilling to buy the argument. "I hope the civic authorities look into this burning issue at the earliest instead of pointing fingers at others adds Sharma.