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| Last Updated:06/07/2020

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Students take first step to save Hooghly river


Times of India, New Delhi, October 13, 2014

 Delhi Public School, Howrah, recently organized a campaign to keep the Hooghly clean. As part of the campaign, students of the junior section walked along the Foreshore ghat's pavement to sensitize the people around the area. They carried placards and banners that read appeals like 'Ganga purity is our responsibility' and 'Save Ganga before its too late'. They even cleaned and removed the garbage of the ghats and disposed them of in the bins installed by their school. The socially dedicated Dipsites also installed banners on the ghats to spread their message.


The campaign sensitized children about the appalling condition of the river and the hazards caused due to various pollutants being dumped into it endlessly, felt the school authorities. The move to create awareness in the society came at the right time when thousands of immersions have had an adverse impact on the river.


"This was just a beginning by the little citizens of DPS, Howrah, who gave a clarion call to awaken people towards the need for creating an awareness. This was the first step of a lifelong commitment to the cause of a clean Hooghly," said a teacher of the school.