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| Last Updated:06/07/2020

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‘TS against eco-tourism project on forest land’



The Hindu, New Delhi, December 2, 2014

The Hyderabad High Court took on record the stand of the Telangana government that it would not favour the de-reservation of Kothaguda Reserve forest in the name of eco-tourism and closed a writ petition filed by Lumbini SLN Springs Welfare Association in this regard.


The petitioner had challenged the action of the State (undivided AP) and Central governments, which sought to convert forest land at Kothaguda Reserve forest area into an eco-tourism project. The petitioners contended that in the name of eco-tourism, huge buildings for commercial activity were being planned.


The Telangana government filed a counter affidavit contending that the proposed eco-tourism project, in fact, would not help environment conservation.


The government also informed the court that this park had to be preserved. The petitioners informed the court that in view of the stand of the State government, which is the owner of the forest area, no further adjudication was necessary. The Bench closed the writ petition, taking on record the stand of the government.


The undivided AP State government had sent the proposal for the present controversial project to the Central government, seeking de-reservation of forest. The Central government had returned the proposal seeking some clarifications.