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| Last Updated:06/07/2020

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Royal Bengal tigers spotted at Papikondalu

                                                                                                                                      The Hindu, Vijayawade, 22nd January, 2015

Several endangered species, including two Royal Bengal tigers, have been spotted at the Papikondalu National Park, forest officials have said. While pug marks of the animals were found in the sanctuary, villagers spotted a tiger in the Bhadrachalam forests recently, they added. “The Papikondalu National Park, spread across 3 lakh acres, is home to several wild animals and reptiles. Recently, we found several new species in the park,” a forest officer said.

A male Royal Bengal Tiger was captured by one of the cameras installed in the park. The big cat, which is brownish in colour, was found to be healthy. A few days ago, tribal people had spotted tigress and cubs, said Rampachodavaram Forest Range Officer (Wildlife Management Division) P.B.N. Kumar.

He added that the department had installed as many as 50 cameras in the park, and that they had captured nearly 15 endangered species so far.

“The cameras have captured Indian civet, Royal Bengal Tiger, leopard, wild dogs, gaurs, various types of macaques, wild boars and porcupines among others in the Papikondalu forests. In addition to 50 cameras, we are planning to install 100 more,” Mr. Kumar said.

According to him, there are more Royal Bengal Tigers at Papikondalu than expected. There is also a sizeable population of deer and sambar, the main prey of tigers.

Meanwhile, Wildlife Management officials are taking all measures to protect the endangered species, he said.