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More funds for green project

                                                                                                                          The Telegraph, Calcutta, 18th November, 2004



Jamshedpur, Nov. 17: To initiate awareness in the field of solid management, a one-day workshop by city-based NGO, Gram Vikas Kendra (GVK), was held at Telco Club today.


More than 150 NGO representatives from all the 22 districts of Jharkhand participated in the workshop.


As this year's theme is 'solid waste management', the NGOs in the state will campaign among the target groups of students, youths, teachers, women, industrial workers and the rural population.


The campaign will focus on management of household waste and composting, municipal waste, bio-medical waste, plastic waste, electronic waste and industrial waste.


This year, the Centre is pumping up more funds for NGOs to carry out environmental awareness campaigns in the field of solid management. Union Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) will grant funds ranging between Rs 5,000 and Rs 25,000 through GVK.


It is for the 12th consecutive year that the GVK has been entrusted with monitoring the environment awareness programme in the state.


GVK is the Regional Resource Agency (RRA) for the implementation of MoEF's project in the state


GVK project manager Anindo Roy told The Telegraph, 'The Centre-sponsored National Environment Awareness Campaign (NEAC) strives to spread environment awareness among the people. Proposals from several NGOs, educational and training institutions and government departments are being invited to create environmental awareness at the local level.'


The campaign activities will be spread between February and March next year.


The grants, expected to be cleared before January 2005, will be used for awareness campaigns and small action-oriented components.


Seminars, workshops, training courses, rally, tree plantation, audio-visuals, CD-ROM and other multi-media tools would form a part of the environment awareness campaign on solid waste management.


At today's workshop resource persons S.K. Narang, deputy director, national metallurgical laboratory and J.N. Jha, former deputy manager of Tata Motors spoke about the management of solid wastes.