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| Last Updated:06/07/2020

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Guard 'steals' rhino's pee


                                                                                                                               The Times of India, New Delhi, 17th March, 2015


A Delhi zoo guard has been suspended for allegedly supplying rhinoceros pee to another guard. The incident that took place on March 4 was caught on CCTV in which a beat guard is seen carrying a bottle of rhino urine to the gate.


"Three people were found involved. We have suspended the beat guard and given warnings to two other people who were involved. We were told that the urine was for the treatment of the other guard's father. We cannot call this trade in wildlife parts. He did not take any other body parts like horns, hair or nails. An enquiry into the incident will be started soon," said zo curator, Riaz Khan.


Strangely, in 2001 a huge racket of rhino urine sale was unearthed by Kolkata police where zoo guards where selling it for Rs 250a bottle. They were allegedly using drugs to make rhino urinate frequently. Rhino urine is reportedly linked to medicinal and aphrodisiac properties in Chinese and some other traditional medicine streams.