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| Last Updated:23/01/2020

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Noise pollution standards may undergo review

                                                                                                         The Times of India, Mumbai, 12th March, 2015


MUMBAI: The state government may review the noise pollution decibel standards, said environment minister Ramdas Kadam on Wednesday. He was replying to a calling attention motion asked by Shiv Sena MLC Anil Parab in the legislative council.


Parab said that loudspeakers are not allowed near 100 metres of silence zones like schools, colleges, hospitals or shrines. "It is surprising that loudspeaker is not allowed outside for 100 metres but inside the school, college, shirne it is allowed. The norms should be reviewed and updated. These need to be practical," he said.


Kadam said a review by the BMC consultantwould be done and suggestions sent to the Centre.