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| Last Updated:23/01/2020

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Two zoo elephants to be unchained & kept in special enclosure

Times of India, New Delhi, 15Mar, 2015


INDORE: Following the directions of the Madhya Pradesh High Court, a pair of elephants who had been chained at the city zoo for nearly a decade would be set free and shifted to an open enclosure there soon.


"Due to their aggressive nature, male tusker Moti and female elephant Champa had been chained. But now, in compliance with the court order, the shackles would be removed and they would be shifted to an enclosure spread over an area of 1.25 acres at the Kamla Nehru Zoo," in-charge of the zoo Uttam Yadav told PTI today.


"Hopefully, the duo would be shifted into their new home this month itself as the work on construction of the enclosure, at a cost of around Rs 60 lakh, is nearing completion," he said.


Both elephants, aged around 48 years, belong to the Makhna breed. The life span of this breed is 70-75 years, he added.


According to Yadav, Moti had been a member of the zoo since the last 25 years, but was chained after he attacked some visitors. "Once he also attacked his mahaut (master), leaving him seriously injured.


However, following a petition filed by an organisation working for animal rights, the high court had directed the Kamala Nehru Zoo authorities last year to unchain the animals and construct an open enclosure for them.


While hearing the petition, experts opined that because of their volatile nature, Moti and Champa could neither be set free in the zoo, nor released in the forest as they are not used to forest life.