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| Last Updated:06/07/2020

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Hand -raised rhinos


 The Statesman, New Delhi, 23rd March, 2015


Two hand raised rhinos were released into the wild on 17 March with radio-collars and ear-tags for monitoring their movement. The sub-adult males, Sohola and Baghmari, were raised at the International Fund for Animal Welfare- Wildlife Trust of India-run Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation.


Sohola was about four months old when poachers killed its mother old when poachers killed its mother on 19 December 2010 near Sohola wetland inside Kaziranga.


The Assam forest department and a IFAQ-WTI rescue team found the baby rhino near its mother and brought it to the CWRC.


Baghmari was rescued on 1 July 2012 during floods in Kaziranga. The baby rhinos were initially fed milk and later allowed to graze, said SK Seal Sarma, divisonal forest officer of Kaziranga.


According to him, this is the first instance of hand-raised rhinos being released in Kaziranga. So far, eight rescued and hand-raised rhinos have been rehabilitated in Manas National Park of western Assam.