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| Last Updated:23/01/2020

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12 panchayats all set to make a difference in Kozhikode


Times of India, New Delhi, 13 April, 2015


Sreedevi Chitharanjan


KOZHIKODE: People in 12 grama panchayats here are set to adopt a participatory waste management scheme, which would make it zero- waste generating areas.


The twelve bodies will execute the scheme with the financial aid of Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE) and support from Niravu Vengeri that had successfully executed zero-budget waste disposal in houses falling under its limit.


The scheme will be rolled out before the commencement of monsoon at the panchayats of Ramanattukkara Kadalundi, Feroke, Mukkom, Kuruvatoor, Thalakulathur, Nanmanda, Kunnummel, Olavanna, Kakkodi and Kottur in Kozhikode; Cherukavu grama panchayat in Malappuram.


Ward and panchayat level committees will be formed for the effective execution of the scheme. At ward-level, a cluster comprising 50 houses will be formed to ensure that all the people actively participate in the initiative. The KSCSTE has already allotted Rs 2.5 lakh to 11 panchayats and Rs 1.95 lakh to Kunnummal panchayat for the scheme.


K Thankamani, vice president of Olavanna grama panchayat said, "Through the move, we are planning to inculcate a positive culture where people consider that disposal of waste is their responsibility. In the initial phase, the piled up wastes at various locations in the grama panchayat will be removed before the monsoon," she said.


"We have inked a deal with KSCSTE for the execution of project with the support of Niravu," she said.


"The generated solid waste will be converted as manure and plastic will be given for recycling. We wish to make a difference in the way people think," she said.


KT Pramila, president of Thalakulathur panchayat expressed happiness over the overwhelming response received from the public for the scheme. She said the panchayat is planning to achieve two goals through the execution of the scheme."First, we wish to resolve the existing challenge of disposing waste and we would take up organic cultivation on a mass scale using the manure produced through the waste management process. And have already completed distributing pipe, vermi compost and biogas plants to two wards in the panchayats and remaining 15 wards will be covered by May," she said.


Meanwhile, Babu Parambath, Niravu coordinator said that it has prepared projects for the 12 panchayats.


"The collected plastic wastes will be handed over to recycling units. While the generated waste at houses will be converted into pipe or vermi compost to be used as manure," he said.


"People will be asked to keep the collected plastic in a bag and niravu will collect it three times in a year to hand it over to the recycling plant," he said.