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| Last Updated:09/10/2019

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Rajasthan's efforts for greenery commendable: Javadekar


Times of India, New Delhi, 13 April, 2015


Geetha Sunil Pillai


UDAIPUR: Rajasthan would soon be turned into a "green state" with the development of more biological parks such as Sajjangarh, said the Union environment and forest minister Prakash Javadekar on Sunday during inauguration of the first biological park at Sajjangarh.


He also appreciated the state government's efforts in the spheres of environment and water conservation. Rajasthan's glorious past and its people are well-known for their love towards forests and natural resources. The Bishnoi community had even laid its life for the noble cause and, therefore, the state remains ahead in the country in environment care, he added.


Revealing the Centre's plan for production of clean energy, the Union minister said that as per Modi's ambitious 1.75 lakh mega watt clean and green energy production project is proposed for Rajasthan which includes 1 lakh MW solar power generation, 60,000MW of wind energy, 10,000MW bio-energy and 5,000MW mini water energy production.


The minister lauded the state government for taking hasty steps for Lake Conservation Act and said that the move will go a long way in conservation of water resources which will play a vital role in turning the desert land into a green land.