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| Last Updated:06/07/2020

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Armed mantri joins forest team as 2 poachers killed

                                                                                                                                    The Asian Age, New Delhi, 12th April, 2015

A day after poachers killed an adult rhino, the forest guards of Kaziranga National Park on Saturday gunned down at least two poachers and recovered a silencer-mounted 303 rifle from them.

The incident took place in Burapahar range when Assam forest minister Atwa Munda, armed with a pistol and binocular, joined the patrol in the national park with forest guards.

Mr Munda, who spent his night with forest guards on Friday in the national park, said that he was camping in the park to encourage forest guards to take poachers head on.

“I would also like to make an appeal to residents of the area to cooperate and extend their support in bringing poachers to book,” he said, adding that his government was determined to stop the poaching of rhinos.

Saying that two poachers had entered the park on Friday night also to target rhinos, park officials said that the forest guards succeeded in engaging them in an encounter.

Admitting that they are yet to bust the entire gang of poachers, the park officials claimed that the poachers are suspected to have been backed by a powerful gang of smugglers which were pumping in a huge amount of money to encourage poaching.