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| Last Updated:22/04/2020

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Sustainable lifestyle can save us

Times of India, New Delhi, 22nd April, 2015 


AHMEDABAD: There are predictions of perils: diseases such as malaria may spread to a larger geographical area as the world is growing warmer by 0.6 degrees every year; in the next 50 years, a third of all wildlife species would be gone forever, and we have already lost 10% of all known plant species by now.


To spread awareness about a sustainable lifestyle, activists and educators would mark the 45th 'Earth Day' on Wednesday, April 22. This year's theme is 'It's our turn to lead'.


"The upheavals in weather, agricultural production and fresh water availability are real issues now and we will have to ensure a better world for the next generation," said Narottam Sahoo, senior scientist, Science City.


The Centre for Environment Education (CEE) has organized an award ceremony for 'Create to Inspire' initiative on Wednesday to mark the day. The programme engages over 100 schools in Ahmedabad and focuses on behavioural change for sustainable consumption practices. "We have identified exemplary participants who would be felicitated to create awareness on the issue of e-waste," said a CEE official.


Meanwhile, a month-long vacation training programme on bio-resources for schoolchildren would begin on Wednesday at Science City. The visitors would be able to see poster exhibition, screening of films and slide shows. The community science centers run by GUJCOST would also organize similar activities.