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| Last Updated:07/06/2020

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Record pollution fine for McDonald's supplier in China

Times of India, New Delhi, 28 April, 2015


BEIJING: A french fry supplier to the McDonald's restaurant chain in China has been issued Beijing's biggest-ever pollution fine for releasing dirty wastewater, state media reported.


The official Xinhua News Agency said late Wednesday that Beijing environmental officials levied a record fine of 3.8 million yuan, or more than $650,000, against Beijing Simplot Food Processing Company Ltd.


The company is a joint venture between McDonald's, the US-owned JR Simplot Company and the Beijing Agricultural, Industrial and Commerce General Company.


Xinhua reported that last November inspectors found waste water discharged by the company contained organic compound levels higher than that allowed. The report said Beijing Simplot was upgrading its sewage treatment facilities at the time of the discharge.


Beijing officials didn't answer phone calls Thursday.


Chinese officials have announced a crackdown on polluters across the country that has included tougher regulations as well as new rules clarifying who can file lawsuits against polluters