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| Last Updated:06/07/2020

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More than 40 birds injured due to Chinese manja


The Times of India, New Delhi, Jan 16, 2015


Menka Behl



NAGPUR: The festival of kites proved to be quite a hectic day for wildlife activists who were on their toes, saving birds that got injured due to Chinese manja. According to the statistics compiled by different wildlife organizations, more than 40 birds faced serious injuries after getting entangled in the Chinese manja.


A team of four doctors from 'Vet for Animals' treated around 10-12 injured birds at the Animal Birth Control Centre set up at Gittikhadan by Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC). President of 'Vet for Animals' Dr Shridhar Budhe said that the birds were found in different areas of the city. "The injured birds included owls, pigeons and a dove that were found in different corners of the city, including Manewada, Uday Nagar, Shankar Nagar, Hingna Road, Law College Square and some other areas. One of the pigeons was so badly entangled in the manja that it lost its wings," he said. He added that in such cases, surgeries should be performed immediately to make sure that the bird can fly again. "Old wounds are very difficult to heal," he added.


A team of doctors from Ward Foundation treated around seven injured birds which were found near Jaripatka and Seminary Hills. "An owl and a koyal died as they had very serious injuries. We however tried to save some pigeons," said founder president of ward Dr Mangesh K Nakade.