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| Last Updated:22/04/2020

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500 greens gather at Aarey against Metro car shed plan

The Times of India, New Delhi, Feb 16, 2015


Sujit Mahamulkar & Bella Jaisinghani

MUMBAI: Various NGOs and nature lovers gathered at Aarey Colony on Sunday morning to protest against the MMRDA's proposal to remove 2,298 trees to set up the proposed Metro III car shed. The gathering of over 500 demanded that the shed be built at any alternative site instead of the green Aarey Colony.


The MMRDA's proposal is with the BMC's tree authority committee. As per the plan, 254 trees will be cut down and 2,044 will be transplanted. The protestors included environmentalists Rishi Agarwal, Santosh Shinde (president, Spreading Awareness on Reptiles and Rehabilitation Programme), Stalin Dayanand of Vanashakti, Harish Pandey, Kshitij Ashtekar, Jyoti Sharma, Lovleen Mishra, Sudhir Badami and Manish Sethi.


The demonstration was peaceful. People with 'Save Aarey' posters formed a human chain that lasted almost two hours. The protestors have decided to protest again, in larger numbers, on a weekday.