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| Last Updated:09/10/2019

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Campaign for free trees

The Hindu, New Delhi, 15th June, 2015


Delhiites and activists who are concerned about the issue of environment have started a new campaign called ‘Tree Not for Free’. Aimed at saving trees from concretisation, it’s a campaign to make people aware about protecting the tree by pasting a poster on it and urging government to act on this issue.


“Already there is a law for keeping a 6x6 feet area free around every tree, but it is not being implemented thoroughly by administrative bodies,” noted a release issued by Toxics Link, a non-government organisation working in the area of environmental protection.


The campaign is about re-enforcing that law by urging the government and respective bodies and about creating awareness among people.


The group is encouraging Delhiites to make each tree in Delhi free from concrete, cement, tiles or any such material around its trunk. Whenever one comes across such a tree, one can go to the nearest authority and show them the government’s notice and guidelines posted onhttp://delhigreens. com/ wpcontent/uploads/2009/05/high -court-order-against-concretisation -and-choking-of-trees.pdf. One may also take pictures of such trees and post it on Facebook page (www.facebook/treenotforfree ) so that it can be taken up with the concerned authority.


“There is a lot to be done on this planet, let’s initiate to save it. Often, we come across trees with their base surrounded by concrete or plasters; to some passers-by it does not matter at all, and to some it may even look cleaner; but the fact is these concrete or plasters are gradually killing the trees by chocking them,” noted the group.