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| Last Updated:25/03/2020

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Govt has equal focus on all renewable power sources: Piyush Goyal


September 2, 2015

New Delhi: Power and Coal Minister Piyush Goyal Wednesday said the government has equal focus on all forms of renewable energy, including solar and wind.


"The Union Government has equal focus on various forms of renewable power and does not discriminate between solar, wind or biogas power in terms of providing support to these renewable sources," the minister said.


Government reinstated accelerated depreciation to boost wind power sector in the first budget of the new government so that people can expand and take benefits of the same, he said.


The minister was speaking after launching Indian Wind Resource Atlas at 100 metre level here today.


Atlas will help policy makers at Centre and State to deal with issues related to tariff fixation, transmission, grade frequency etc and providing better infrastructure for the investors.


He said that he is personally very delighted that the ministry has provided such crucial information in public domain free of cost.


He assured that the Ministries of Coal, Power and New and Renewable Energy will keep on providing more and more data in public domain and thus work on bringing transparency in the system.


The new Indian Wind Atlas is an important online GIS (Geographic Information System) tool for identification of the regional and local wind energy potential in India.