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| Last Updated:22/04/2020

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Draft notification seeks complete ban on plastic

Times of India, New Delhi, 22nd October, 2015


BENGALURU: Karnataka seems to be moving towards a complete ban on plastic, and plastic materials, that pose a threat to the environment.

Going by the draft notification, as recommended by the department of forests and environment, the state, instead of a selective ban on plastic material which is 40 microns or less thickness, may go for a total ban on the material.

On October 20, law minister TB Jayachandra said the state cabinet had resolved to ban plastic which is of 40 microns or less thickness. The draft notification seeks objections from the public on the proposed ban within 30 days. It suggests that the use of plastic carry bags, banners, buntings, flexes, flags, plates made of plastic, plastic sheets used for spreading on dining tables, thermocol plates and cups are serious environmental hazards and affected the health of people and animals.

"The government has been observing that plastic waste had caused blockage of gutters sewers and drains resulting in serious flooding and environmental problems. The state government wants to invoke section 5 of Environment (protection) Act 1986 to impose a total ban," reads the notification.

The notification also issues a ban on sale of carry bags by shopkeepers, retailer, hawkers and salesmen and the manufacture of plastic materials. It has also included the list of officials empowered to take cognizance of any person, company and organizations found using the plastic materials.