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| Last Updated:23/01/2020

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High court serves notice to MP govt on tiger safety

The Statesman, Bhopal, 17th November, 2015


The Madhya Pradesh High Court has today issued notices to the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) and the Madhya Pradesh state government directing them to reply with in four weeks on a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) seeking to know what steps have been taken to ensure safety and security of tigers that are present near the vicinity of the state capital Bhopal.


Rights Activist from Bhopal, Ajay Dubey had filed the PIL at the High Court at Jabalpur Dubey said today that a double bench of Justice K K Trivedi and Justice R K Menon at Jabalpur has issued the notice. Dubey had pointed out in the PIL that due to inadequate measures by the MP Forest Department, the safety of tigers near Bhopal was compromised. He alleged that high-profile people had encroached upon forest land in Bhopal and that had severely disturbed the tiger were being forced to venture into populated areas of the city.


He said that the recent incident of a tiger entering the premises of an agriculture research institute in Karond area of Bhopal is a stark example of how the big cats are increasingly being threatened and driven out of their natural habitats due to unabated encroachment on forest land by the high and mighty in connivance with concerned authorities.


"The High Court has served the notice to the MP forest department and NTCA seeking a reply within four weeks, Mr. Dubey said.