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| Last Updated:22/04/2020

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Tiger cub found dead in Kanha

 The Asian Age, Bhopal, 19th November, 2015


An eight-month old tiger cub was found dead in  Kanhari beat of Kanha Tiger Reserve in Mandla  district. "We found the male tiger cub dead on November 16 evening.


The cub was with (mother) tigress when it was apparently killed by an adult apparently killed by an adult tiger in the region,"


KTR deputy director O.P. Tiwari said. He said that the adult feline killed the cub to  hasten mating with the tigress. "As long as cubs are reared by a tigress, the feline doesn't go into heat.


Therefore, the tiger killed the cub," he said "Usually November to January is the mating period of big cats,