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| Last Updated:06/07/2020

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Football sized hairball found tiger stomach



Football sized hairball found tiger stomach

THe Times of India, Bhopal, 6th April, 2020


Bhopal: A football-sized hairball was found inside the abdomen of a lOyear-old tiger that died of a mysterious viral infection inside Pench Tiger Reserve in Seoni district of Madhya Pradesh on Saturday. Tiger T-2L was found in a semi-conscious state near a waterbody at Karmajhiri Range by a patrolling squad. They monitored its activity for a few hours, and alerted their superiors that it needed medical attention. It lay in the water, barely moving. It didn’t even react when foresters came within 15 feet of it on the back of elephants. Wildlife veterinarian Dr Akhilesh Mishra and field director Vikram Singh Parihar administered medicine through a dart on April 3, but its condition kept worsening. A forest team kept watch all night, hoping for signs of recovery. Butit slowly sank into its paws and died at 8:55am.


Parihar told TOI that they can ascertain cause death only after examining the viscera. But forensic  samples  could not be sent to lab because of the corona virus lockdown.


During postmortem, Dr Mishra found a huge hairball inside its stomach and found its lungs were completely damaged. All its body parts were intact, and no external or internal injury was found. The carcass was disposed as per the NTCA protocol.


Its not yet known why they died. Their samples have also been preserved for laboratory testing. No it is not CDV, Parihar told TOI