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| Last Updated:19/10/2021

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Seized Tiger Skin In Odisha Turns Out To Be Jackal Hide



Seized Tiger Skin In Odisha Turns Out To Be Jackal Hide

13th July, 2021, Dishabytes


Bhubaneswar: We have heard of the saying, “a sheep in wolf’s clothing”. But in Odisha, it turned out to be the case of a jackal “hiding” in a tiger skin.

The Forest Department informed that a tiger skin seized from M Rampur in Kalahandi district three days ago turned out to be that of a jackal.

Experts examined the skin and found it was the hide of a jackal that was coloured to make it look like a tiger skin, Kalahandi (North) DFO Nitish Kumar said.

Earlier, PCCF (Wildlife) Shashi Paul had pointed out that the size of the skin and nails on it were relatively smaller than of a tiger. The department will now send the skin sample to Wildlife Institute of India (WII) Dehradun for confirmation.

A joint team of Kalahandi South and North divisions, Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB) and Chhattisgarh forest officials had recovered the skin from a person in M Rampur area.