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Printed Date: Thursday, October 22, 2020

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India Lost 93 Leopards To Poaching In Eight Months


India Lost 93 Leopards To Poaching In Eight Months

 Mid Day, Mumbai, 17th August, 2020


In the last eight months, 303 leopards have died in the country, according to data compiled by Wildlife Protection Society of India (WPSI),. Off these, 93 leopards were poached, while 210 died due to other reasons.


The data states that Madhya Pradesh recorded the highest number of poaching cases with 16 deaths, followed by Uttarkhand with 15 and Maharashtra with 10.


According to the statistics maintained by WPSI – which works with government enforcement agencies to apprehend tiger and leopard poachers and traders in India — 129 leopards were poached in 2019 while 365 died due to other reasons. Tito Joseph, programme manager of WPSI, said, "Leopard poaching is one of the threats to this species. For the last five years, poaching contributes to an average of 33 per cent of leopard deaths in India. Intelligence-led enforcement and proper prosecution of wildlife criminals is essential to reduce the poaching."


Biologist and leopard expert Dr Vidya Athreya said, "The leopard is definitely one of the most neglected cousins of the tigers, lions and snow leopards in India. We need to resolve the issues faced by the leopard because a lot of them occur in human-dominated landscapes and also related to people who share their space with this cat."

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