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| Last Updated::11/01/2016

Major Activity


Annual Report (2011 -12)












ENVIS centre- 07 was set up at WWF-India, by MoEF, GoI in October 1984 and was assigned the responsibility for being the focal point for information on the following aspects: The Centre has regularly been collecting, compiling and maintaining the authentic database on Environmental NGOs, Parliament and Media. Some of the major activities which are being carried-out by the centre are:


􀂉 Directory of Environmental NGOs in India (Since 1982)


􀂉 Environment in the Indian Parliament and Analysis (Since 1980) 􀂉 Session wise data compilation and dissemination (e-reply software- developed by the Parliament of India) at MoEF Office (Since 2005)


􀂉 ENVIS Newsletter (Published Quarterly) (Since 2002) 􀂉 ENVIS website ( (Since 2002)


􀂉 Tigernet Website (www. maintenance and Daily updation (Since 2009)