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| Last Updated::11/01/2016

Major Activity


Annual Report (2009 -10)


Environmental Information System (ENVIS) Programme of the Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India. The centre has been designated with activities related to collection, compilation and dissemination of information pertaining to environmental issues discussed in the Indian Parliament, highlighted in the Print Media and tackled by various Environmental NGOs operating in different parts of India.


 The centre since its inception has been trying its level best to improve the quality of its work and enhance the data bank in terms of its authenticity and quantity and has been making the effort to take new initiatives in terms of their activities.


The ENVIS Centre, WWF-India, however, has been maintaining and documenting the database in this regard since its inception in 1984. This activity continues to be relevant for the  Centre’s subject areas Parliament and the Environment;and NGOs and theEnvironment, as the information provided in the print media helps in tracking the new initiatives of government as reported by the media as well as providing current information of issues and events that enhance the quality of the Centre’s tracking activities of NGOs in particular. In addition, the news reports serve as an important source of reference for the ENVIS Centre’s quarterly newsletter.


During the period, 2009-010, the ENVIS Centre continued its regular activities relating to the Centre’s focus areas on "NGOs, Media and Parliament Matters Related to Environment." The major highlight of the Centre’s achievements during this year was the publication of the two parliamentary reports – Parliament Report “Environment in the Indian Parliament: an analysis, 2007 and Environment in the Indian Parliament: an analysis, 2008 during the year 2009, covering both houses of Parliament: Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha. The Centre also initiated efforts to develop the database on the various NGOs working in the field of environment and its associated areas throughout the country for the publication next edition (10th) of the Directory of Environmental NGOs in India.


The centre has set up the ENVIS Advisory committee in year 2009 and called two meeting of the same. The centre is continuously following up the suggestions put forward by the expert members of both, ENVIS Advisory committee and National evaluation workshop experts. The achievements made by the centre during this year  include their Silver Jubilee celebration on 27th October 2009, which depicts their successful 25 years of service in the field of Environment. The centre also owns a  dedicated dynamic website www.wwfenvis.nic which is a databank of Environment related information and being regularly monitored and updated.


The work done by the centre was also appreciated by the expert members of the national Evaluation workshop at Sikkim. Therefore, the centre was able to bagged an A grade in the same workshop.


In the current financial year the centre has planned to carry out new tasks besides their already existing designated activities that would support it to reach a reputable and higher echelon. The centre also plans to initiate these tasks in order to cater to the needs of various users especially targeting those who are working in the field of environment and its protection.


Keeping in mind the deliberation of attaining the status of being the hub of information pertaining to the environment and disseminating it in an appropriate and useful fashion, and also looking at the increasing demand of the various documents generated by the