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| Last Updated::11/01/2016

Major Activity


Annual Report (2005 - 06)






Progress Report (1st April, 2005 to 31st March, 2006)


The ENVIS Centre-07 of the Ministry of Environjment and Forests was established in WWF-India on 27th October, 1984. The Centre was assigned the responsibility for being the focal point for information on the following aspects:


  •  NGOs and the Environment

  •  Parliament and the Environment

  •  Media and the Environment

Since its inception, the Centre has been very active and has come to be recognized by a variety of end-users, such as the NGOs, administrators, specialized agencies, researchers, students, and media professionals, both within the country and overseas as a reliable and source of environmental information on the above subjects in India.




During the period of the present report (1st April, 2005 to 31st March, 2006), the Centre sent replies to 2508 requests made for acquiring information, in writing. In addition, the Centre responded to a large number of queries on telephone, e-mail, and through personal contacts during the visits of users to the Centre during this period.




The activities undertaken during the period of report with regard to the above mentioned subject are summarized below. NGOs and the Environment


1. Revised and updated eight edition of the Directory of Environmental NGOS in India was brought out in April, 2005, which has since been circulated.

2. The data in the above Directory has been converted into a digital database for ease of reference and to facilitate future updates


3. Organised a workshop on” Vision Interface NGOs in Governance dated 28th-29th april, 2005


4. Revamping of the Questionnaires prepared to collect necessary information on the follow areas a. NGOs working in the field of Environment b. Research Project Activities on Environment c. Audio Visual on the Environment d. Expertise in the Environmental Sciences 5. (2500 questionnaires each were compiled and printed which has already been dispatched to the concern organizations and experts


The problems of environment in a country like India are so large and diverse that it is necessary to develop a fruitful partnership between the government and the people through the nongovernmental organizations. The Department felt a need to consolidate the list of such organizations and send a questionnaire to several NGO’s in the country. While most of these are registered under the Societies Act, there are non-registered organizations but actively engaged in the field of environmental protection. A Directory of NGOs has been compiled, printed and disseminated by the Centre.