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| Last Updated::11/01/2016

Major Activity


Annual Report (2004 - 2005)








The Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India has established an Environmental Information System (ENVIS) Centre at World Wide Fund for Nature-India, in 1984 to disseminate environmental information in the area of NGOs, Parliament & Media. The Centre was assigned the responsibility for being the focal point for information on:


  • NGOs and the Environment
  • Parliament and the Environment
  • Media and the Environment


 As part of the Environment Management Capacity Building Technical Assistance Project (EMCBTAP) of the Environmental Information System (ENVIS). Under this project of MoEF, a regional node is currently operational which provides information and dissemination of sustainable development related issues concerning NGOs ,Parliament and media. A dynamic website and Management Information System (MIS) software has been developed by the ENVIS Centre for this purpose and the information

collected by the Centre is updated and disseminated through this website. The data and information can be accessed through the main website ( and is updated periodically.


The centre networks with the relevant NGOs/Institutions/orsganizations including the government research and survey institutions and universities to develop, maintain and disseminate information about NGOs working in the field of environment, environmental issues discussed in both houses of Parliament and Media related issues. Under the ENVIS Progamme, work on updating existing database of the environmental NGOs in India continued and is available as a computerised database for interested users (both online and offline).More