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| Last Updated::11/01/2016

Major Activity


Activities performed by the ENVIS Centre, WWF-India on behalf of Parliament Section, MoEF FY 2014- 2015


The Parliament Division in the Ministry is responsible for co-ordination of all parliament matters related to the Ministry. During the year 2014-15, a total number of 775 Parliament Questions pertaining to various aspects of environment were answered by the Ministry (498 questions in the Lok Sabha, out of which 40 were starred and 458 were un-starred. A total of 277 questions were asked in the Rajya Sabha, out of which 32 were starred and 277 were un-starred).


The questions covered a wide range of issues with which the Ministry is concerned, prominent among them being questions related to Environmental Conservation, Forest Conservation, EIA, Pollution, Freshwater and Marine Conservation, Wildlife Management, Water Management, Climate Change and Meteorology, Energy Studies, Environmental Education, NGOs and Media, Health and Sanitation etc. The ENVIS Centre at WWF-India, under ENVIS scheme of the Ministry compiles the above mentioned Parliament Questions as replied by MoEF and other Ministries pertaining to various environmental issues. (More)