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| Last Updated::11/01/2016

Major Activity


Vision Interface workshop


At Indira Gandhi Conservation Monitoring Centre (IGCMC), under this scheme (MoEF’s) our effort is to ensure transparent, quick and accurate availability of Information to all interested parties and stakeholders According to the ENVIS Centre in IGCMC at WWF-India, across the country there has been a more or less uniform rise in the number of NGOs involved in activities related to aspects of the problem. For example in Andhra Pradesh alone the number of registered NGOs rose from 19 (by 1984) to 129 (by 2004).



Over the last two decades WWF- India has been publishing the detailed and popular Annual Directory of Environmental NGOs in India. Recently it has held several workshops and seminars on the same issue with help from the MoEF. Earlier in the year WWF –India’s ENVIS Center conducted an intensive Workshop on the topic “Vision Interface- NGOs in Governance” on 28th-29th April 2005. One of the topics discussed during this workshop was on the role of IT in Environmental Governance. The presentation of which was done by the Centre itself.(More)