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| Last Updated::22/08/2019

Major Activity


District Level Stake Holders Meeting at Gautam Buddh Nagar


Minutes of the Meeting

District Level Stake Holders Meeting at Gautam Buddh Nagar on 18th February 2019


The Meeting was held to publicize the new initiatives of the MoEF & CC, under the ENVIS Scheme namely:

•           Green Skill Development Programme (GSDP)

•           Grid Based Decision Support System (GRIDSS)

•           Building Community Driven Environmentally Sustainable Villages (CESVP)


The Meeting was held under the chairmanship of Shri B.N. Singh, I.A.S, District Magistrate, Gautam Buddh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh


Venue:   District Collectorate, Surajpur, G. B. Nagar, (U.P) INDIA

Date:  18th February, 2019

Organized by: District Administration G. B. Nagar and WWF India ENVIS Resource Partner, MoEF&CC, GoI

Supported by: Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, GoI

Coordinated by: Dr. G. Areendran , Coordinator, ENVIS Centre, WWF-India


Minutes of the District Level Stake Holders Meeting held for publicizing the new initiatives of the MoEF&CC are as follows:


1. The meeting started off with a round of introduction pertaining to all the stake holders from various departments/ organizations of the state, present in the meeting.


2. Dr G. Areendran, Coordinator of ENVIS RP Centre, WWF-India, talked about ENVIS and the new initiatives namely GDSP, GRIDSS and CESVP started by the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) through a Power Point presentation. He elaborated the details of the GSDP Course and Wildlife Management using geospatial techniques which is efficiently being undertaken by ENVIS Centre of WWF-India as a new initiative of the Ministry. Emphasizing the significance of these courses for the candidates attending them, he stated that the course would serve as an effective tool in developing the desired skill within the selected candidates by providing the necessary training and bringing them to the forefront in the form of Master Trainers (MTs) who can further extend their services by teaching and skilling the under graduates and school dropouts in the forthcoming GSDP courses and in turn earn a livelihood. The stakeholders were even informed about the Centre’s activities and regular updates on its website for information to all.


3. During the discussion, the objectives of GRIDSS were explained besides, providing inputs about how each state would be surveyed based on 9 x 9 km grid or a suitable area based on the requirement of the district selected. The survey would be done with the help of Questionnaires which would be divided into two broad sections: (A) Data to be collected from secondary sources (published data from Central/State Government Agencies (B) Primary data to be collected after identification of data gaps by (i) University students/interns (ii) trainees skilled under GSDP for collecting data pertaining to areas in which they have undergone or are undergoing training under GSDP.


4. Discussion pertaining to the initiatives and activities of ENVIS was held.


The meeting ended with Vote of thanks to all stakeholders by the Coordinator, ENVIS RP Centre, WWF-India, and New Delhi. (More)