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| Last Updated::06/07/2021

Major Activity


Air Pollution in Delhi and Sikkim based on aerosol optical depth mapping


India's air pollution acts like the economic and public health crisis. Every year, people die prematurely with rising levels of air pollution. It becomes a complex issue which requires numerous solutions. Depending on region and climatic condition, there are many sources that contribute to pollution across the country. Burning of fossil fuels is the highest contributor to air pollution. Deadly air pollution is not only the problem of Delhi-NCR (National Capital Region) but many Indian cities face this issue. If the development of country is important, reducing air pollution must be on top of the priority list. The effect of landuse and land cover on air quality, shows very close relationship between Built up area and Particulate matter (PM) 2.5 and conditions become very critical due to rapid changes in landuse, such as conversion of forest, agricultural land, water body to building, roads and residence. Thus, the present study shows the Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) variations over Delhi and Sikkim. (More)