ENVIS Centre, Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt. of India

Printed Date: Wednesday, November 25, 2020

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Annual Report (2007 - 08)


















Progress Report (1st April, 2007 to 31st March, 2008)



The ENVIS Centre 07, established in 1984 in WWF-India, was assigned with the responsibility of being the focal point for information on: 􀂾 NGOs and the Environment 􀂾 Parliament and the Environment 􀂾 Media and the Environment Over the past 23 years, the Centre has been well recognized by users (NGOs, administrators, specialized agencies, researchers, school and college students, and media professionals), both within the country and overseas as a reliable and responsive source of environmental information in India.


” The Indira Gandhi Conservation Monitoring Centre (IGCMC) was set up as an integral programme unit of WWF-India in May 1994 with full support of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India, to provide information for biodiversity conservation in the country. The mission of the IGCMC is ‘to support biodiversity and natural resources conservation in India through collecting, managing, disseminating and making accessible relevant data and knowledge, and by providing appropriate technical, analytical and networking services.


’ The ENVIS Centre 07 activities were subsequently clubbed under the IGCMC, following which there has been a distinct improvement in the quality of information management i.e. data collection, collation, material management, dissemination, evaluation. During the period, 2007-08, the ENVIS Centre continued its regular activities relating to the Centre’s focus areas on "NGOs, Media and Parliament Matters Related to Environment."


The major highlight of the Centre’s achievements during this year was the publication of the parliamentary reports– Environment in the Indian Parliament: An Analysis – Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha 2006 covering both houses of Parliament: Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha 2006 and Directory of Environmental NGOs in India (9th Edition) published during this year. The Centre also initiated efforts to develop the database on the various NGOs working in the field of environment and its associated areas throughout the country for the publication of the Directory of Environmental NGOs in India. In addition, it regularly published its quarterly newsletter with the objective of keeping various readers updated with the Centre’s major activities and the important highlights pertaining to environment.


The Centre has been regularly collecting, compiling and maintaining the most up-to-date and authentic database on Environmental NGOs, Parliament and Media. The entire data is selectively updated in the comprehensive interactive website for online coordination with all its network partners as well as dissemination of information to the users. Other routine activities that were carried out simultaneously included updating the Centre website, news entry, secondary data collection for news, articles, awards and publications.The activities undertaken during the period of report with regard to the Centre’s focus areas are summarized below.


The ENVIS Centre, WWF-India, however, has been maintaining and documenting the database in this regard since its inception in 1984. This activity continues to be relevant for the Centre’s subject areas


(1) Parliament and the Environment;(2) and NGOs and the Environment, as the information provided in the print media helps in tracking the new initiatives of government as reported by the media as well as providing current information of issues and events that enhance the quality of the Centre’s tracking activities of NGOs in particular. In addition, the news reports serve as an important source of reference for the ENVIS Centre’s quarterly newsletter.