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| Last Updated:19/06/2024

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Avni & Vyom, zoo's white tiger cubs, celebrate 1st b'day


Avni & Vyom, zoo's white tiger cubs, celebrate 1st b'day

The Times of India, New Delhi, 27th August, 2023


NEW DELHI: Delhi zoo celebrated first birthday of white tigress Sita's twin cubs, Avni and Vyom, on Saturday.

The event was attended by Chandra Prakash Goyal from Union environment ministry and Dr S K Shukla from Central Zoo Authority.

The occasion was celebrated by cutting a cake and organising games for the cubs, who played with the hanging sacks and boxes filled with chicken treats. Treats were also arranged for other animals, including elephants, while schoolchildren recited poems and got to know facts about tigers. 

"Both the cubs had a great day. They played with hanging sacks, pushing, and puddling around in the pool. We also kept some surprises for them in form of chicken lollies in the boxes, which were placed at different parts of the arena. Both the cubs were so busy in playing for a very long time and they didn't even notice other boxes. A feast was also organised for other animals of the zoo," said Akanksha Mahajan, director, National Zoological Park, Delhi.

The cubs had been let out into the arena for public viewing a few months back where they were named by Union environment minister. 

"The highlight of the celebration was the cake-cutting ceremony, symbolizing the cubs' significance to connect between the citizens and wildlife," Mahajan added. 

Schoolchildren also participated in the event which provided them a unique opportunity to learn about tigers and their vital role in biodiversity preservation. Students also shared their views on tigers, emphasizing their importance in maintaining a balanced ecosystem. 

"The National Zoological Park feels privileged in its conservation efforts and is committed to raising awareness about the significance of biodiversity and wildlife conservation. The celebration of Avni and Vyom's first birthday stands as a testament to the zoo's dedication to fostering a harmonious coexistence between humans and nature," read an official statement from the Zoo. 

At present National Zoological Park has 12 tigers, including seven Royal Bengal Tigers (Panthera tigris tigris) and five white tigers (Panthera tigris tigris color_mutation).