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| Last Updated:04/03/2024

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Assessment of Climate Change over the Indian Region


Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) recently has published ‘Assessment of Climate Change over the Indian Region, which contains a comprehensive assessment of the impact of climate change upon the Indian subcontinent. The highlights of the report follow:


1.   India’s average temperature has risen by around 0.7oC during 1901-2018.

2.   Frequency of daily precipitation extremes (rainfall intensities >150 mm per day) increased by about 75% during 1950-2015.

3.   The frequency and spatial extent of droughts over India has increased significantly during 1951-2015. 

4.   Sea-level rise in the North Indian Ocean occurred at a rate of 3.3 mm per year in the last two and half decades (1993-2017)

5.   Frequency of Severe Cyclonic Storms over Arabian sea has increased during the post monsoon seasons of 1998-2018.

The report is available in the following link: