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| Last Updated:19/04/2024

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Geospatial in 2023: Time to consolidate gains




The much-awaited National Geospatial Policy was recently announced by the government. The policy aims to take India to a leadership position in using geospatial data and technologies for economic growth. The policy came as a pleasant close to an otherwise eventful year.


Despite the economic headwinds, the Indian economy is expected to remain a growth outperformer in 2023 and outgrow emerging market peers by 2025. With transformational improvements of 4As, namely Availability, Access, Affordability and Analytics, increasingly organizations will look at exploiting the hidden value of location component in their data to enhance its business value and strengthen their ability to make better decisions. This will be further accelerated with 5G roll-out, which is expected to set the stage for revolutionizing geo-data exchange in 2023.