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| Last Updated:19/04/2024

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5 reasons to be hopeful about the climate



From cheap renewables to electric cars and success in courtroom, experts highlight the trends providing grounds for optimism in the face of the climate crisis.

With carbon emissions set to reach record highs this year and global climate action falling short, it can be easy to slide into despair. But according to a new study by the German think tank New Climate Institute, there are many reasons to remain hopeful. The study looks at technological and societal progress in limiting warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 Fahrenheit) as agreed in Paris in 2015 and highlights key global trends that suggest all is not lost.


The Fridays for Future demonstrations and other climate movements have helped raise the issue of climate change in the public consciousness, even if not everyone agrees. (Gero Rueter/DW)